3 Fun Post Ceremony Ideas

Having a unique ceremony can be a challenge nowadays. With ideas stemming from Pinterest and Instagram taking over the wedding scene, it can be a challenge to entertain guests while also celebrating a unique and one of a kind love. Here are 3 fun and exciting ideas to do right after your ceremony that will make your wedding as unique as your relationship.

1. Igniting Your Marriage

The idea of a unity fire predates most eastern and western religions. Fire has always been seen as a way to express new life, forging, illumination, and enlightenment. When it comes to weddings, setting a unity fire symbolizes the passing of the couple’s old life and their commitment to one another in a forged bond.

Typically couples will light a candle each and recite their vows to one another. Once vows are exchanged the couple will light the fire and create a massive bonfire that signifies the start of a new life together. 

It’s a unique way to seal the deal and create an impact on the guests in attendance.

2. The Time Capsule

Wedding days are momentous occasions for brides and grooms. For most it’s the most important day of their lives and having a time capsule to commemorate their big day is a great way to look back on what their lives were like on that date. 

It’s hard for a lot of us to think how quickly 10, 20, or even 30 years goes by but that time spent together often feels like the blink of an eye. Getting a time capsule setup takes a lit bit of preplanning, but having one at the ceremony that the bride and groom add one last item each then seal up is a great way to reminisce on the big day all those years down the road.

3. Wine Ceremony

The wine ceremony is like a unity candle or unity sand but is typically done at the reception. The bride and groom take a half bottle of their favorite wines and combine them together to create a blend as unique as their love! Quick tip before sealing the bottle; make sure to sample different blends before committing to one. Wines that are great on their own can have a very poor taste when blended with a vastly different bottle

Custom made labels, corks and shrink bands are available online so brides and grooms can create a truly unique bottle that they can store on their mantle or just drink throughout the reception!

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